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Tre Fontane is a high quality italian enterprise, operating in the confectionery sector, situated in Piemonte in northen Italy. Tre Fontane works under the heritage of the ancient italian tradition, revisiting the old recipes keeping an eye on the qualty of the raw materials: first of all the best almonds from Puglia, the renowed "nocciole Piemonte" (Piedmnot hazelnuts), the finest chocolate from Tourin, wich has always been the capital of chocolate in Italy. Theese raw materials complete the range of our ingredients.

Founded in 1993 by the current owner Tre fontane starting from beeing a small shop of soft amaretti as becaming a company that exports its products all over the world.

Partecipating to the major international exhibitions has allowed Tre Fontane to broadcast the company´s philosophy: high quality and italian design.

Tre Fontane is specialized in high design both for personal use and for gifts or gift basket.

Flexibility in terms of realization of the packaging allows Tre Fontane to satisfy requests of bigger clients as well as those of small shops: private labels, different sizing and graphics can be designed on demand
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